Note: The following is from the website of Tru Vue, the leading manufacturer of glass used for framing, so it is informative, but not altogether impartial. This does describe the various types of glass available, but it does not include a discussion of acrylic products that could also apply in certain situations (i.e., where weight is a factor or when the item is at increased risk of breakage). Acrylic is available in sheets larger than most glass products, and like the glass options described below,comes with a variety of uv-filtering and anti-reflective characteristics.

The single most important step you can take to protect your framed artwork from harmful UV light rays is to specify the use of Conservation Series Glass featuring TruGuard ® UV Protection.

What are you really buying when you use the services of a custom framer?
Talent … yes, and the knowledge and ability to select the proper framing materials for your particular project. This means helping you choose the right colors, the right frame style, and most importantly, the right materials to protect your art, photo or memorabilia. There’s the matboard, the frame, the backing board and the mounting materials to consider. And of course, the glass. And glass is glass, right? Wrong. All glass is not created equal. In order to preserve, protect and get the most out of your artwork, you have some choices to make. And with a little knowledge, those choices will be very easy.

What determines the glass I should use?
Your custom framer should help you select the right glass for your project. The very fact that you are having this item framed denotes its value to you. The best choice for any framed item is to use glass featuring TruGuard ® UV Protection.

What other glass choices do I have?
Tru Vue ® offers four types of glass available with TruGuard ® UV Protection. All four types block a minimum of 98% of harmful UV light rays.

Anti-reflective technology with UV blocking properties

Proprietary technology improves transmission and clarity

Single-sided etched non-glare

Essential for conservation framing

Perhaps you have a very bright room in which you will display your artwork, or you intend to hang the piece opposite a window or lamp. Anytime you think reflection may become a distraction from the enjoyment of your artwork, you may want to ask for Conservation Reflection Control® Glass.

Many framers are conditioned against using reflection control glass. This is the result of the poor quality glass that has traditionally been available. These low-tech “non-glare” glasses have a highly frosted appearance because they are etched on both sides. The resulting fuzziness and distortion created dissatisfaction among many framing customers, which soured framers on the idea of reflection control.

Conservation Reflection Control ® glass employs etching on only one side, eliminating the reflection problem with only a subtle softening of clarity. (This “soft focus actually enhances some images such as portrait photography and impressionist landscapes, where an atmospheric effort is desirable.)

Ask your framer to see a sample of the four types of Conservation Series ® Glass over your artwork and judge it for yourself. The most important thing to remember when framing your artwork is to consult with your custom framer. The more he or she knows about your project the better they are able to use materials that will ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

What is Conservation Glass?
We’ve all heard about the dangers of ultraviolet light rays – particularly to organic materials. Exposure to UV light causes organic material to break down. This is visible in the form of fading colors and embrittlement and yellowing of the materials that bear the artwork. These effects, once started, are cumulative and irreversible.

The best way to preserve your art is to protect it from exposure to UV light from the outset. For starters, don’t hang your art in direct sunlight or light it with fluorescent light. Ask your framer to use Conservation Quality Glass, such as Tru Vue ® Museum Glass ®, the highest quality glass available.

Museum Glass effectively blocks a minimum of 98% of the dangerous UV light – protecting your artwork without affecting the visible light spectrum so your colors show truly as nice in a year as they do the first day you frame them.

This information was provided for your assistance courtesy of Tru Vue®. Tru Vue® manufactures a complete line of Conservation Series® Glass featuring TruGuard® UV Protection that work together to protect your framed valuables. For hanging and shipping oversized artwork, we recommend ACRYLITE® acrylic sheet products. ACRYLITE® is a registered trademark of CYRO Industries.