Our Specialty… Really.
Framers’ ads often proclaim, “Shadowboxes our specialty.” Well, we can honestly say that, to our knowledge, none has more experience when it comes to framing memorabilia, keepsakes, objects…all kind of STUFF.Guitar2

For example:

  • a laptop, a pair of drive-in movie speakers (with pole), an assortment of old phones, a tabletop jukebox, a set of turkey feathers, a lava lamp, two skateboards, half of a bowling ball, a video camera, a few old beer cans,
  • clothes worn by the Beatles, Elvis, Ella, Janis and Jimi (among many others), Elton’s glasses, Dylan’s harmonicas, Morrison’s boots and Madonna’s letters to home… and literally a truckload of guitars, drumheads, and albums.
  • Throw in some steering wheels, jerseys worn by Shaq and Gretzky, a shovel, a poker hand… and you get the picture.

image_preview (1)Above all, we’ve been honored to frame a lifetime of personal treasures like Granddad’s military decorations, a couple’s travel mementos, a child’s handprints in clay, items signifying a long and illustrious career, three-dimensional art and sacred objects of all kinds. Recently, we’ve framed items as diverse as a beautiful christening gown worn by three different granddaughters, a child’s portrait on remnants of the wall from a demolished McDonald’s restaurant, and a set of Julia Child’s own knives.

Over and over, we have had the opportunity and challenge to frame objects that don’t fit in frames. So we’ve developed some great ways to make it happen – special designs with sliding doors, acrylic boxes and lighting. We don’t limit your options to the standard “shadowbox” mouldings used by most framers. Don’t be shy – if it’s worth keeping and displaying, we can probably find a way.

Blackbird Frame and Art