At BlackBird, we’re always finding new mouldings, mats and other materials to keep abreast of styles and preservation technology.


We strive to offer product lines that aren’t available from other framers in the region, like welded steel mouldings and hand-crafted mission oak frames. We offer a unique selection of salvaged-metal and copper-wrapped frames created by our good friend Jesse Lee of Leicester, NC.

We offer bark mouldings from another local source and recently introduced an impressive selection made of salvaged materials from buildings demolished in Detroit. In fact, hundreds of the mouldings we offer are made from recycled materials or sourced from sustainably-managed forests and clearly marked on our samples.

For customers with specific design needs, we present mouldings from some of the finest frame-makers in the country who faithfully recreate museum-quality frames from the European and American historical periods, including extraordinary modern and art deco designs. Closer to home, we featureexquisitely carved and hand-finished frames from Edward Wright’s studio in North Carolina, where each frame is handcrafted from start to finish by a single artisan using time-honored methods.

Framing materials like mounting boards and glass are evolving technologically to address preservation issues. As new products and methods develop we change too, so that our customers benefit.

Naturally, the most constant sources of change are styles and color trends.  New things are always finding their way to our walls so that when you redecorate, we’ll have the styles you need to keep pace.

The Latest

For example, our collection includes a full line of “inlaid” mouldings.  Comprising about 150 styles, these range from elegant old-world wood marquetry to fanciful color patterns like polka dots and whimsical motifs for special interests.

And we’ve RE-introduced one of the most innovative new framing products in ages – moulded lucite frames.  Brilliant colors, frosted finishes, rounded corners, even distorted shapes that are the perfect complement to modern art, animation and unusually colorful pieces.  These were originally made by an innovative entrepreneur in Montana, and were among our favorites.  Unfortunately, his business fell prey to the recession, but after a two-year hiatus, another small manufacturer acquired his process, and we are finally offering these lucite wonders again.

We know that our clients enjoy having an assortment of options not found in other frame shops.  Our aim is to make your frame one-of-a-kind, in the tradition of fine custom framing.



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