Why Blackbird?

Our Approach to Frame Design
A good frame design begins by listening. So we always explore your preferences, the purpose of the frame project, physical constraints, budget and conservation issues. Then we help you select framing appropriate for the artwork that also fits your tastes and needs.

We want to help evoke a “Wow!” response to the art, not the framing, with designs that enhance your art without overpowering it. Where both budget and preservation are important factors, we will advise you to favor cost-effective conservation measures such as the use of uv-filtering glass over a more elaborate frame design.Design5

Choosing a Custom Framer
Finding the right framer can be difficult. Anyone can talk about the quality of their work, but really, how do you know until you try them? Finding out could cost you a small fortune.

No website can show you how good the framer is. You can’t feel the quality or appreciate the fine details of good framing through a computer. Subtleties of color and texture are lost. Pictures don’t show you the care that we take or the materials we use to ensure the preservation of your art.

Experience is the best indicator. Some things you don’t leave to a novice…even if you’re framing a $30 poster, your money can be wasted on poor design. And with more valuable art or irreplaceable keepsakes, you should be concerned about the use of correct preservation methods and materials. That’s where experience matters, and…Vise

We’ve Seen It All!  Blackbird Frame & Art is a veteran crew of professional framers, winners of top honors at regional and international framing competitions. We’ve framed works by important artists, valuable documents signed by important people… strange things (from lava lamps to fax machines)… loads of rock star memorabilia like guitars, clothing and hand-scrawled lyrics…pieces of the Berlin Wall, sports jerseys, and on and on.

Best of all, we’ve been privileged to frame and preserve countless gems of children’s art, hard-earned diplomas and war decorations, keepsakes from weddings, births, special times…

Our framers have been trusted with people’s art and cherished objects not because of clever marketing but because of our reputation for quality, honesty and good design.  To see what some of our customers have said…click here.molly

Wish you were here..
We always try to make your visit to BlackBird a pleasant experience.  Our staff is friendly and attentive, especially Molly, our Jack Russell Terrier.  Since we’re actively framing on site, we may sport a little sawdust on our clothes, but that doesn’t affect the service you’ll receive.

The prices are competitive with anyone, including chains and craft stores.  In fact, more often than not, our regular prices beat their inflated “50%-off coupon” pricing.  Volume purchasing lets us price more competitively for commercial projects, and that’s why we can price individual orders more reasonably, too.