What About Coupons? Our thoughts…and one great offer.

It’s hard to compare custom framing prices, so it’s easy for shrewd marketers like the big craft-store chains, to play some clever games with coupons.

Mat Cut (1)The Song & Dance – Coupons and special offers, especially at chains and craft stores, often tout unbelievable savings. But their discounted price, even at 50% or 60% off, may not be as low as our regular price. They’re betting you’ll compromise on quality, service or selection in return for such a good deal. The irony is that you’re not even getting a deal.  (We’re not making this up, folks  – for proof, click on this link ).

Here’s a statement from one of our customers, similar to the comments we hear all too frequently: “I found a higher level of expertise and a better experience at a lower price than Michael’s! I feel comfortable leaving my beloved artwork in your hands.”

Other offers we’ve seen discount the frame but make up for it with exorbitant prices on all the other components (mats, glass, mounting and fitting charges).  And there’s the “Free Labor” offer where you supposedly pay only for the materials (right!). The free labor is just the charge for final assembly, but all the labor of building the frame, cutting the mats, mounting the art and cutting the glass are all built into those “materials” charges.

Our Answer – At BlackBird, we want you to know you’re always getting a fair price.  We seldom have sales or publish coupons because we think the right policy is to offer all of our customers the best price we can all the time.  After all, you can’t always time your need for art and framing with our advertising schedule. When we do extend special offers, we make them straightforward and fair, no song & dance.

However, here’s a link to one great offer that will benefit you and our local schools and other independent businesses like ours: Asheville Go Local Card.  That’s the kind of offer we can get behind!

We hope you appreciate our approach that treats you as an intelligent shopper and lets us get a good night’s sleep.