What Our Clients Say

Why Blackbird?

We know what we’re doing.  Nothing beats experience, lots of experience, and tens of thousands of framing projects…commercial, residential, large, small, modern, traditional, simple and complex…we’ve seen it all. And Blackbird claims more Certified Picture Framers* than any other shop in the nation, signifying our dedication to the trade and a proven knowledge of preservation framing practices.


*CPF is the professional designation awarded by the Professional Picture Framers Association.


We care.  Your project matters to us and we want to frame it in the best way possible to meet your needs.


We’re nice. We make the experience enjoyable, comfortable and as affordable as anywhere.

That’s the short version.

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Framing Examples

FramingExamples_Art&Posters 840x600

Paintings, prints, children’s art, photographs, concert posters…you name it.

FramingExamples_Documents&Articles 840x600

Diplomas, certificates, autographs, news & magazine articles.

FramingExamples_3DObjects 840x600

Collectibles and sentimental memorabilia. Anything that’s not flat. And don’t hold back…we’ve seen it all!

FramingExamples_Mirrors 840x600

Custom sizes, thousands of frame options. Don’t’ settle for just a piece of glass glued to your bathroom wall.

Experience BlackBird – WNC’s Finest Frame Shop

Not the Same-Old-Thing

We offer new and diverse frame designs that others don’t – like Lucite, copper & welded steel as well as historically accurate Arts & Crafts and hand-carved gilded frames.

Delivery & Installation

Experienced installation available for your home or business.

Memorabilia & Objects

BlackBird has unique experience mounting & framing 3-D objects, with a variety of presentation options not offered by most framers.