365 Merrimon Avenue, Asheville NC 28801

image_preview (3)We’re excited to present this line of innovative Lucite frames again!  We were one of the first frame shops in the country to offer these when they first came out several years ago, but sadly, the man who developed this process fell victim to the recession.  Recently, though, another small firm bought his equipment and process, and is again making them available.  We have had more fun framing with these than with anything in recent memory.  Bright colors, for sure…but these also offer some opportunities to do some very subtle, ultramodern frames in soft grey tones and even clear finishes.  The frames can even be made with distorted shapes – sides that widen or narrow at the middle. A number of patterns expand the possibilities beyond imagination, and lend the frames to some great designs for retro and mid-century modern styles.  Come see!