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image_preview (2)We designed this ad – in fact we commissioned Marsha Hammel to paint this figure just for the purpose – to illustrate the impact of a frame on the presentation of your art.

Many paintings today are sold without frames, stretched over a thick strainer bar, a method known as a “gallery wrap”. It saves the artist and gallery the expense of framing and looks perfectly alright on a big white gallery wall with nothing but other paintings nearby.

But in the home, with lamps, rugs, furniture, draperies, etc, competing for attention, a frame gives your art its own space. and ensures its prominence in the room. Where long-term preservation is important, a frame protects its edges from damage and supports the weight, preventing buckling and bowing of the canvas.

Some people have compared the frame to the jewelry that makes a nice dress look even better. Others consider the frame a part of the furniture, extending its reach to incorporate the art more fully into its environment. Whatever the reason, a well-chosen frame can be a thing of beauty itself that greatly enhances the art experience.