About Us

BlackBird is an independent framer and art source owned by Pat & John Horrocks. We have shared our business since 1990, and moved to Asheville in 2002.  Throughout our careers, we have sought to conduct our business with unmatched service and uncompromising integrity in our dealings with every client.

It is in our nature and our interests to develop long-lasting relationships based on trust.  To that end, we serve our clients by being honest, professional and diligent in our effort to provide the highest level of value possible.  That means giving sound advice regarding the art, its preservation, framing design, and the price/value of our work. 


Seven Certified Picture Framers – A Unique Distinction

Seven of our staff are designated as Certified Picture Framers, by the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA).  No other frame shop in the country claims as many CPF designees, exemplifying the extraordinary commitment of our staff to professionalism.  All have met experience requirements and passed a comprehensive examination to earn the recognitionThe CPF designation signifies experience and extensive knowledge of the framing craft, particularly on issues of preservation framing methods.